We didn’t ‘take back control’…for our NHS to pay more for medicine.

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No-deal Brexit could ramp up the cost of drugs for our NHS. Brexit should work for Britain.

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Weakened Negotiating

In a no-deal scenario it’s more likely the UK could end up weakened at the negotiating table for trade deals – and at the mercy of potential negotiating partners who have more clout, like the USA. This means it could be harder for UK negotiators to protect UK interests. The USA has already indicated that they’d like to get the NHS to pay more for medicines as part of a trade deal.

American pharma companies

The UK government negotiates drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry to control costs. The US government is aiming to change this arrangement because it puts downward pressure on the revenue of American pharmaceutical companies. As outlined in the US Trade Representative’s negotiating objectives, the US will aim to use the opportunity of a potential trade deal with the UK in order to increase market access and revenues for American pharma companies.

King’s Fund

King’s Fund research on NHS pharmaceutical spend

Objectives for a US-UK Trade Deal

The US Trade Representative’s Summary of Negotiating Objectives for a US-UK Trade Deal, which outlines as an objective ‘procedural fairness for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.”

Lowering Drug Prices

Remarks by President Trump on Lowering Drug Prices

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